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    Hi Folks,

    I've been asked by a friend to help them sell all their Corgi model cars, fire engines etc. They are all boxed and in mint condition and I have pictures now of the lot but I'm hoping someone here will have a better idea than me where to find a specialist buyer of such stuff?


    if they are good, ebay will have lots of collectors wanting them cos a dealer would want a decent margin

    My friend had some she needed to get valued and she used these you can only get 5 appraisals but i'm sure you can use a couple of friends details too ;-)


    As mentioned above, best on eBay. Sell them individually where possible and be as descriptive as possible. Search for others that have been listed to see what descriptions sell well.

    In this area good photos are the key, especially if they are unboxed...

    A good set of photos and a good knowledge of your product is vital.
    Know their value so you are not duped.
    Follow Ducky's advice too and you won't go wrong.:thumbsup:

    You're not actually selling... moved to misc forum rather than for sale. Thanks.
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