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Found 31st May 2008
This is my first post so please be gentle!

I would like to do some work on a flexible basis to make some money. Im interested in market research either at home or out and about. I attended several market research panels where you were paid about £40.00 for two hours but I can't remember who with. Mind you, anything to try and make some cash would be good!

If anyone could give me any advice, it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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ok ive some advice.

I sometimes do extra work for tv shows. It pays ok, the more you do , the more you get paid.
Contact your local Extras companys and put your name down. On my days off i sometimes do it for extra cash, i choose if i want to or not! Sometimes you can earn 70quid for 2 hrs, other times if takes go wrong, you are hangng around most of day. However your actual contribution to work will be approx 10 mins out of the whole day!! Which is damn good money. The hanging around bit doesnt bother me, i take mags, Gameboy etc to pass time...
Look into it.

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Thank you, thats an interesting idea. I have now joined a couple and see what happens!!
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