Help requested with important blurred to make it unblurred

    Hi All,

    I am in trouble.......took a photo and it was one of those moments that cannot be recreated, but on looking back the photo has blurred, not massively, you can still see most the things but it is in no real way usable. The photo is important and I thing what has happened is at the last second I moved my hand slightly and it caused the blurring. In my defence (as all men need to have) it was a sony camera and there i must have unconsiously thought that it had one of these antiblur facilities, but in reallity i just messed up.

    Need to do what every I can to get this resolved, any guidence/assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Would even consider having to buy some software to do this or sending of to a company to do, but would rather know that someone has had the software or dealt with the company before so can confirm that they are good.

    Did forget to mention the picture is a digital picture taken with a 7megapixel camera.



    you are not going to be able to fix it much imo - depends how bad it is.
    afaik, blurring is caused by the camera sort of recording a mini video and fudging it into a still basically when you move. g
    oing to be difficult for anything to figure out what pixels are from the start and finish of the video and so what to base it on etc
    i get it quite alot with my sony camera but i assume its like that for all basic point and shoot cameras - probably to do with shutter speed? (not sure if they get buffered)
    good luck with it though

    You could try which is a free photo editing site that a good number of us use or if you were happy to pm me I will send you my e-mail for you to send the pic to and I can see if I can do anything with Photoshop.

    I'm good with Photoshop. You'd have to send me the original photo and tell me what size you want the finished photo to be.

    You could always resize the picture smaller (especially if was taken with a huge megapixel camera), it can help a bit.

    TBH i don't think there's much you'll be able to do. The other way round would be very possible.

    Suppose it depends how bad it is, if you want to put it up here or send it to me i could have a look?

    Without seeing the picture it's hard to make an accurate recommendation however I'd look at a piece of software called Focus Magic which is specifically meant to fix the issue you've described:

    I've seen quite a few recommendations for it from actual users on forums plus there's trial to allow you to see if it will work for you.

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