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Found 16th Mar 2009
Hi everyone. I have a technical problem but have no idea how to explain it. The problem is i have a dvd camcorder and can not format the cd as its not working. I would like to know if it possible to copy the content of the smaller dvd from the camcorder onto a regular dvd so that i can watch it on the tv via dvd player? Does this make sense? If so, how long does it take? does anyone know where i can get it done? how much will it cost? Please help
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Please help

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is it a cd or a dvd?
I have a sony dvd camcorder and have the same prob - cant watch it on my dvd player - thought I was just being stupid......
on my sony dvd handy cam there are 2 modes that you can record in. to watch on a stand alone player do not choose VR (i think) mode. there is nothing you can do now other than re-encode the disc using your PC but you will loose quality.
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