HELP REQUIRED - (for a non computer buff!)

    Hi there,

    evertime I log into quidco and then onto the relevant retailer I get this message...which means I can't get cash back on my purchases! I just down know how to corrct the problem.....

    here is the info I see

    It appears that your system is configured such that transactions from this merchant will not track. Please check your settings as outlined in the text below.

    Before you start earning cashback, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself to ensure purchases are successfully tracked through our affiliate network.

    If your purchase fails to track there will be no evidence, the merchant will not pay Quidco and Quidco will not be able to pay you. Although Quidco will make every reasonable effort to chase merchants and secure your money, by following the advice on this page, you will greatly increase the chances of a smooth transaction and above all will receive your cashback faster.

    Note: Some members prefer to use a separate browser to make their Quidco purchases. This way security settings can be set appropriately and cookies can be cleared without affecting everyday use. Using a separate browser just for Quidco is probably the easiest and most reliable way to maximise tracking. We'd recommend using Firefox as a dedicated Quidco browser, or if you prefer to use Firefox as your normal browser use Internet Explorer purely for Quidco purchases.


    enable cookies and always clear them before using quidco however you could take the advice provided and use a seperate browser specifically for quidco. ie; if you're a frequent user of firefox, use opera for quidco alone. hope it helps

    Clear all your cookies and make sure you enable for quidco
    and use a different browser for Quidco purchases
    ( download firefox )

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    how do I enable cookies?

    START,Control Panel,Network and internet connections,Internet options, Privacy Tab
    set to medium high

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    done that and nothing has changed?

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    sorted...downloaded firefox.... thanks everyone much appreciated!
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