Help Required - Free DVD Burning Software

    Having just bought Pioneer DVR-216DBK 20x Internal Black Bare SATA DVD+/-RW Drive / Black

    I'm after some advice on free DVD burning software and where to get it from

    Thanks in advance


    What type of files will you be burning? As you may need to convert them to DVD format so will play in your DVD player. CovertVtoDVD is the best our there and you can buy it or get it my other means!! :whistling: That will convert it and burn it for you at the same time!!!

    a couple to choose from here ]http//ww…vd/

    did you buy the writer brand new? They usually thro in an OEM disc of buring software with these things like Nero Essentials or somethin....

    Starburn is is free and highly regarded

    I've used Ashampoo before mate, its free and very good. Would recommend it.
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