Help required from any electricians out there

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Posted 4th Jan 2009
my upstairs lights dont work , everything else is working, downstairs, sockets,upstairs sockets all working fine, just not all the upstairs lights.
went round checking all the light fixings, switches just incase any thing wrong there, but all seem ok,took all the bulbs out from the upstairs lights to try and work out methodically if there was a short any where, just cant get any power to the upstairs ring, in the main fuse box in the cellar checked methodically which was shorting out, the upstairs ring shorts when you try to put this on.
any help really appreciated, at the mo running some lamps off the sockets in the bedrooms
thanks for your help in advance
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    remove one light fitting or switch at a time till you find the culprit.
    could be a neutral to earth tripping the breaker :thumbsup:
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    Are you sure it's not just a trip switch that needs switching back on in your fuse box?
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    not an electtician but maybe the mice have chewed your wiring in your ceiling...
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    Anonymous User
    have you got an old fashioned fuse box? if so it may just need the wire changing. similar thing happened to me. have you got old electrics or a new fuse box?
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    you should have an electric fuse box usually in your garage and it sounds like the fuse breaker for the upstairs light might have flipped all you have to do is flip it back again
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    Anonymous User
    when this has happened to me it was my iron...once i unplugged all was well (and replaced iron)
    I guess it can happen with any appliance? just do em one by one-you will be fit when you finished as it's in the cellar!
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    What sort of fuse board do you have? is an MCB or is it an old style MEM rewirable one?
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    Check fuse wire, if old box. Check breakers, if new. Have you done any work recently in the house, hung pictures, fitted new light in ceiling, floored the loft? Anything? After checking all this,as said, remove the switches one by one, WITH THE POWER OFF, and check all the connections. Once done, put power on and if still not working, check all the light fittings, again with power off. Put power back on, and check again....
    You probably won't need to do all this, as it may just be a fuse needing some new wire, or a breaker tripped. Or a nail through the new hardwood flooring in the loft :whistling:
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    Anonymous User
    As it's all your upstairs lights my guess is a blown fuse/tripped MCB in the consumer unit, probably caused by a light bulb blowing.
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    Anonymous User Author
    checked all the breakers, mcb fuse box ok, possibly a duff mcb upstairs lighting circuit, will try out 2morow other from downstairs circuit.
    all help is severely repped.
    keep your suggestions coming:thumbsup:
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    Try using two people and one standing by the fuse box/circuit breaker with all lights off, start turning them on one at a time, if it trips straight off with all lights off, look in the loft for damage(with a torch and electrics off).
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    Could be a duff mcb , best way to check that is shut off main breaker and if the circuit breaker for the lights doesn't click back on when the main power is off the return spring is f****kd on it
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    Anonymous User
    Could it be a water leak in the attic? That did happen to me once and it got into the light wiring.
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    Anonymous User
    Hi, Just wondering how you got on!!! All fixed now??
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    Anonymous User
    Same happens to me please can someone help I have an old fashioned fuse box the lights are not working upstairs everything else works through out the house thank you
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    deleted216697720/01/2019 18:33

    Same happens to me please can someone help I have an old fashioned fuse …Same happens to me please can someone help I have an old fashioned fuse box the lights are not working upstairs everything else works through out the house thank you

    First picture of fuse second.
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