Help required!! I am after sky+ box because of the new season of prison break!

    Is it possible to get the Sky+ box free on the minimum package?? If so where??

    I am wanting the sky+ for the harddrive purposes aswell.

    Pls can anyone advise.



    £99 + £30 installation online

    Thats the best..

    an option would be to by a harddrive recorder and then just get the minimum sky package. It wont be a patch on Sky+ though. I did hear that they were doing reconditioned boxes for £50, but I haven't seen that anywhere else.

    got through quidco to get £110 cashback.

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    How do you go about recieving the quidco?? How does it work and whats the procedure??


    How long have you currently been with Sky?

    Threatening to leave has meant some people get discounts on things like that. It did for me a couple of years back £49.99 all in, from memory. But doesn't always work, and they're not always offering discounts. If you did go down that route, be prepared for them to call your bluff with the leaving thing. You do get abour 28 days (from memory) to change you mind, though.

    How's your dish cabled up, currently? Does your dish have an LNB with more than one connection on it? If it does, are you up to the task of running another cable from the dish to where you want the box?

    I say this as standard Sky+ boxes crop up on ebay all the time. If your LNB already has two connections, it doesn't need any more work (ie a new LNB, and the skew adjusting), other than an additional cable running from the dish. And I believe the £10 Sky+ charge has now been waived, so if you really wanted to do it on a budget - and your LNB has a spare connection - then you could probably do it on the cheap, then ring Sky and get them to pair your card with the box and turn on the Sky+ features.

    Of course, if your LNB doesn't have an additional connection then it heads towards being uneconomical to DIY it. And of course if you do DIY, you don't get the same degree of handing it off to Sky if something goes wrong.

    I only mention it, because it's possible to do this cheaper than the standard price (ie £99 + £30), but does mean largely a 2nd hand box. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though - it's the hard drives in the box that tend to go wrong, and if you're happy enough doing that sort of thing on a PC (ie changing a hard drive) you could get a Sky+ box relatively cheaply on ebay, then bung in a bigger hard drive, and have lots of space.

    I've used bigger hard drives in my Sky+ box since I first had Sky+, and now there's free software to copy across anything existing in your planner to a new bigger disk.


    How do you go about recieving the quidco?? How does it work and whats the … How do you go about recieving the quidco?? How does it work and whats the procedure??Thanx

    first go to [url][/url] and register after doing so, login to the site and search for sky and click the link which will take you to thier site and place your order after a few hours or 1 day you can see your quidco has tracked and takes about 3 months to go into your account.

    why dont you just download the eps off the net

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    Thanks guys especially Lester Burnham, thanx again.
    If anyone else can give any more advice that would be brill

    Whats EPS? RIT2003UK


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    Hi Qauver
    It will be a new subscription, however we do currently have sky but the very basic channels, but I am looking to upgrade to the sky+ box. To record etc.


    if you already have sky you can not go via quidco its only for new customers

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    I dont personally hold a sky subscription, one of my household members use to have one, but that was ages back and now he only has the free channels.:thumbsup:
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