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    I have just brought the brother dc-135 all-in-one printer that was on hukd a week or so back. It works fine copying but i don't know how to get it attached to my laptop. I know i need a usb but should it have come with the printer, the laptop or can i buy one anywhere? are they universal so they fit any laptop and any printer? sorry if this seems silly but if anyone could help me by putting a link where i can just buy one, it would be great. Thanks in advance!


    Most printers now don't come with a USB cable anymore. best thing to do is pick up a cheap USB cable that has a normal USB-A connection on one end (for your/any laptop/pc) and what's called a USB-B connection on the other. Anything listed as a printer cable will be like this and should only cost a couple of quid.

    Have a look in Home Bargain or the Pound Shop for a printer cable.

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    thank you sooo much.I will be going to town on saturday then.

    this is what it looks like


    thank you sooo much.I will be going to town on saturday then.

    Available in most £1 shops for a pound, I remember reading @ here that you were able to get x3 of these USB Cables for £1 somewhere?

    Expect to pay alot more to a retail giant on the high street!

    Good helpfull post timber .
    Yeah , thats the a to b USB cable .I saw them recently in Poundland for only a pound :-)
    Yes , most printers dont come with cable nowadays as someone has wrote .
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