Help required please re dell mini (Linux ubuntu) URGENTLY

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Found 12th Feb 2009
I need to install software for my university access and the mini is asking me for a password - I have never set a password does anyone know if these come with a password or how I can find it, I accesss my detals and it says I can chan ge my password but I need the original to do so and I have never set one.
Thank you

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try ubunto?

A few linux distro's I have used in the past use the distro name as password.

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tried just tried - didnt work thank you for replying any other ideas!

My webbook uses ubuntu, the instructions for password recovery for that are here:…rd/

reset your root password by booting into single user mode at the grub boot screen (add a 1 to the end of the kernel line). After you've booted into single user, reset whatever passwords you like. i.e.

passwd root {and follow prompts}

and then reboot machine (type init 6).


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thank you both - done
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