HELP required re freezer contents claim

Found 9th Feb 2009
I hate mondays and to add insult to injury my freezer/ fridge has packed in.
have phoned the insurance company and he asked the value of the contents.
I told him I hadn't worked the loss out as yet as was still emptying the freezer out.
The frezzer is an americn style unit with fridge aswell! So as you can imagine is quite big!
I had a lot of meat and fish products in the unit and was wondering if anyone could help me and give me a resonable figure to relay to the insurance comapny. Baring in mind the £100 excess payable.
Any help apprieciated, Thanks in advance for your replies.
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I know it might seem like a long process but when you are taking everything out and disposing of it, maybe write it down and put a price next to it? That way you aren't just making things up and you can send the list to the insurance company too!

Good luck with it
I would drag out all the stuff, list it do a virtual shop on say Asda and give them an accruate figure.
I would also photograph it all for evidence.

I would also photograph it all for evidence.

Good idea :thumbsup: you know what insurance companies are like

Good idea :thumbsup: you know what insurance companies are like

I have not had to deal with an insurance company for a long time, but how I wish I had photographed the damge when I claimed, my first reaction was to clean it all up and get back to 'normal' big mistake, the insurance company treat us like we were trying to scam them out of something.:x

Good idea :thumbsup: you know what insurance companies are like

Works both ways sometimes though. My sister works in claims for an insurance company (NOT based in Norwich). Once got a claim for a broken freezer and got a list of contents that went on for about a page and a half. Including 5 joints of beef, 4 of pork, 3 of lamb, 3 whole salmon, on and on and on. When the loss adjuster visited the freezer turned out to be a TINY countertop model that all the food could not have fitted in. Threw out the whole claim, which was probably genuine, because they tried to inflate their payout.

To the OP - good advice on here already. List everything. Photos help. Box labels might be a good idea too. Get a price off an online supermarket. Don't try to claim extra to cover your excess. Good luck with the cleanup :thumbsup:
......although I bet the frozen caviar was missed !

......although I bet the frozen caviar was missed !

Don't know if you can freeze caviar. I always keep mine nicely chilled beside the champagne ;-)

The other thing about this claim was that they had bought all this stuff at Waitrose with the nearest store about 20 miles away, rather than the ALDI just round the corner :-D
Thanks to all for your advice! Much appriciated T x
Insurance company very helpful and payment for loss of food recieved. Just waiting for quote off engineer, compressor has failed. Thanks again for all your sound advice.

Mondays must be unlucky for me as my washine machine has just packed in, it wont spin. :w00t:
Followed all the troubleshooting advice on google, at present doing a service wash, fingers crossed or its going to be a very expensive month.:?
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