Help required, steps to take with virgin media please

Found 3rd Jun 2009
Hi guys and girls,
i thought id ask you lot before i do anything stupid :w00t:
ive had virgin since october 2007 and its never been right, renewed contract last november as there were no better deals around but the tv keeps freezing where i have to reset the box, the bb is always freezing and says cannot connect to server and takes forever,
after calling CEO they have eventually sent out an engineer who reorded the signal as -7 whatever that means, all i know is he said we were lucky to get anything. this has been going on like this for 19 months, and in the end they have requested a pull on the cable outside but need permission from the council so stuck like this until at least thursday week :-(
in the mean time ive been and still am paying FULL price for services ive not been recieving as i should for the past 19 months!!!!!
the question is...... what would you do?????

mant thanks, rooster
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Go to Watchdog. One of my neighbours sorted out an issue with their water company via Watchdog which was pending for over 3 years. Try threatening Virgin media that you will report this to Watchdog.
they have said that they will try and sort this out but in the mean time i feel robbed as ive been payung full price for a poor service, how do i go about this, do you think im entitled to some sort of compensation????
If you raised this with them all the while & they have proof on your account, then you can think about it. But this is always at the discretion of the companies. How they want to maintain their image in the market. I hate sky for that. :x
grrrrr, yep its been an ongoing problem :-( thanks for replying
Yes its an ongoing problem, but did you call & report right from the first time you had this 19 months ago?
it was about auguat last year sorry got cut off AGAIN :-(
i mean august lol

it was about auguat last year sorry got cut off AGAIN :-(

what i mean is the first engineer was called out about august 2008, and we have had intermittant problems since then and been on the phone numerous times where i get really miffed as i cant understand what they are telling me :-(
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