Help required to find a song PLEASE. Weird i know !!

ok right i know this is going to sound weird. I have heard this song a couple of times and i love it. I have no idea who sings it or hmm well many words if any.

Been trying to search on youtube etc but you lot are my last hope ... right heres a little bit that keeps going round my head ... it starts of with a music bit thats like ..

da da DA DA da da da .. da da DA DA da da DA (which is distinctive to the song)

It has a bit in it thats sings like "and holy cow i .. da da daaaa (i don't know all the words).

Argh, its a current song and i really want to buy it but i cant go into hmv singing the song (i did this like 5 years ago with a David Guetta song and got a funny look ha).

thanks SO SOSOSSOSOSOS SO much if anyone has any suggestions .. i'm thinking i can then youtube any responses to maybe find the little blighter !!

flic x


is it a man woman or band?

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ooooh good point !!

Its a MAN singing the song, but i think its a BAND that have released the song. Think it may be a band who has released songs before cos they sound a but familiar. x

wish i never clicked on this its gunna bug me all day now :-(

That line is in a few songs.

Snow Patrol????

Elbow - on a day like this?


Elbow - on a day like this?…sH4

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Elbow - on a day like this?

I'm now girlie screaming.

Yes that's it !! You clever muffin. Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"One Day like this - Elbow"

thanks everyone. :):):):-D:whistling: x

Elbow - One day Like This

Lyrics "Cause holy cow, I love your eyes"


Elbow - on a day like this?

How cool are you :thumbsup:

a good website to go on is - ] you can type in some lyrics and it gives you songs with thouse lyrics in it - good luck


i would never have guessed lol Well done!
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