Help Required with DVD Player Region Hack & other things

    Need help to hack my dvd player to play Region 1 DVD's.

    Samsung HT-X710T

    I also cant set the speakers up to get sound from sky if anyone can help with this too?


    Try this.…556

    Unplug the player for 30 seconds
    Power ON and wait for "no disc" message
    Press ENTER
    Press 8,4,2,6,9
    Press ENTER
    turn off the machiine
    Turn on again
    system cycled itself through startup and switchs itself off. switch back on after 30 seconds.

    ]Here for the unlock maybe

    Original Poster

    Thansk you both if it works you are both legends

    Anyone knwo about the sky issue? Im sure it is much simpler then the region hack?

    Original Poster

    Worked a treat rep added to you both
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