Help restoring Outlook 2007 View

    Hi Everyone, I have messed up big time.

    For some reason I have changed the view of my outlook. Have a look at…jpg.

    I want it to lok like…jpg

    Any ideas? I have tried the usual view resets and the /cleanviews but no joy.

    Any help appreciated



    4 Comments…jpg.

    isn't displaying
    however if you changed the view
    at the top in the toolbar
    click the word view then reading pane right
    although I'm only guessing what way you want it as your pic of the original isnt showing at the moment


    [*] Start Outlook.
    [*] From the View menu, select AutoPreview.[/LIST]

    Original Poster

    Hi Guys

    The image works great. I think I added the full stop of the sentence too close so simply remove that.

    CSIMAN, that didnt work either. The key difference has nothing to do with auto preview. If you look at the second image, you will see that the search box goes across the mailbox column and you can select how its sorted by simply clicking the "Arrange By: Date" line below the search box.

    Thats what I want to get back


    Original Poster

    OK I fixed it. Thanks
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