Help: Robosapien Batteries

    I have a Robosapien that my kids will be getting for xmas. Can anyone tell me which batteries are best for this beastie and which rechargeable batteries might work best with it?

    Mank thanks.


    which model is it?

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    Well actually two models.

    I think the original Robosapian and also the RS Media.

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    I have been trawling the net and it would seem the RS Media is voltage sensitive so rechargeable batteries which are 1.2v may not work (as opposed to alkaline which are 1.5v). It would be good to know if anyone else can confirm this.

    One possible alternative are rechargeable alkaline batteries but I have not found any D ones of these in the UK. Anyone know of any?


    1.2V (NiMH) ones do work fine, I remember testing them with these ages ago...

    They may not last as long (due to the voltage drop being a quicker decrease for the functionality - dropping from 1.2V is going to be a shorter step then dropping from 1.5V), but, they are rechargeable and less costly in the long run.

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    Thanks Browni, thats good to know. :thumbsup:

    Has anyone seen the HOMERsapien ? lol well cool !

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    Hmm, isn't he a bit accident prone? Not sure I'd want him around the house however cool he is :roll: .

    Whatever next? Perhaps a BLAIRSapien :w00t: or a POSHSapien ;-) ?

    Posh IS a robot !

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    Ah, thats why David married her :roll:

    err.. I wonder what batteries he uses?
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