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Found 5th Jun
Hi all, long story short...

I bought the girl I was dating a Moto G5 last year as her iPhone was in for screen repair. We split up last week and I took the Moto G5 back as part of the split. We ended on extremely bad terms and I didn't know the phone's unlock pattern so I factory reset it in preparation to sell it on. After the factory reset it's asking me to enter her Google account recovery information before it will let me access the phone.

Does anyone know a way around this? I can't find a solution anywhere. I have the original sales receipt if that helps. (Speaking to the girl I split from is not an option).

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Try your date of birth
Try Google account recovery as maybe you are setup as a recovery account administrator. Failing that, you wont get anywhere without the password as that's the whole point of protecting a phone if it's stolen
I though this was a anti theft feature Google added a few years back and no way to get around it. Sell for spares maybe your only option
Females hey
You can try to re flash the rom or install new rom then go back to stock rom. Should clear everything
Is this the 72hr limit where Google does not permit a reset on a phone within 72hrs after a Google account password change, or something similar (48hrs)? Might sort itself in a few days; but equally might not...
It was a gift so you're not entitled to take it back.
With older Android operating systems you may have had at least some chance, but not with the one on the G5 as it is recent.

Even WITH the account details, if you forget a pin or pattern you have to reset and wipe the phone to factory settings, but at least with the account you can get back in.

Without the account details you will not get anywhere as you cannot get back into the phone.

It is that simple.

As stated above, it is a security measure.
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