HELP: Samsung Pixon M8800 Mobile Phone..

    Have a Samsung 8800, locked to T-Mobile, and having used it for just under 2 month I'm looking to sell.

    Don't have any idea how much these are going for, but thought i'd ask. Picture in post 1, for anyone unsure of what the 8800 is like..


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    EDIT: this is the phone, but image taken from the net. If any is interested. I can take a couple snaps later. Comes with charger and accessories as you would expect to find with a new box

    £200-£250 i fink..

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    £200-£250 i fink..

    is that what they're going for, or what you'd pay if I was to still it?

    i rily dont like that fone.. cuz it got 8mp camera , no xenon flash ,, batteryy liffeee suxxx
    i had it, returnd it 2 a SE xperia x1..
    i fink sum1 put up once a while back for 220..
    so try puttin it up for sale here around 220.. sum1 myt make an offer

    gd lucckk,..

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    cheers, gives me an idea on how to move forward :thumbsup:
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