Help saving emails before recovery?

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Found 26th Sep 2009
Hi all.
I am going to have to do a full recovery and cannot figure out a way to save my email folders in outlook express.
Can anyone please tell me if this is possible???

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if you are doing recovery from windows cd it should not affect any files on the computer. I was told this just earlier as I did a recovery an a computer

if you are reinstalling the os then it will delete everything so becareful

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Thanks jon1000jon but no cd, hard disc only. Well done on todays result by the way.
Statto1978 just going to the link, thank you.

i just emailed all the emails i wanted to keep to myself, then shut outlook express down & got them back again when i got everything sorted.


Well done on todays result by the way..

Cheers, good result, up yours chelsea :thumbsup::):roll::):thumbsup:

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Good idea richp just trying to figure out how to forward an whole folder?

i opened the folder select all and then forward as attachment.

Is it not just a case of file > export... ?

Or you could find the folder that the emails are stored in & copy it onto a disc or usb stick.…tml

Then just copy & paste the contents back into the right folder after you've reinstalled.

Right, I have some experience of this.

Was using Outlook to manage my emails and I needed to do a complete restore, so I found out where Outlook stores the emails (the file called outlook.pst). I then copied this and all the other data files from their home folder (Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook) to a DVD, job done I thought, however, when I tried to open these files after reinstalling my OS they were unreadable.

I emailed microsoft and scoured the web to find answers and apparently it was the change in file format from NTFS to CDFS (on the DVD), so if you are going to do this you have to copy the files to something like a USB drive as this should maintain the original NTFS file format.

Hope this helps.

its really simple....

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Thanks for all the help guys. Managed to figure out how to send folders as attachment to my hotmail.
Thanks again.

create a personal folder and move all your emails into it, then copy this somewhere safe..... you can then restore from it.

^ Create a personal folder, move the emails into it then save the .pst file onto a usb key or something.

uses e-mail message database files with a ".dbx" file extension.

You can find where these files are stored by clicking the menu option/dialogue:

"Tools" > "Options" > "Maintenance" > "Store Folder"

Backup the ".dbx" file(s) found & if you have a system failure, you can restore the entire set of messages in one go.


C:\Documents and Settings\Gambit\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{716C3B7E-E1E6-4CB7-85AF-BAACFACAEBB6}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

This information was given to me by a user on here (User: fanpages)

One of the settings in Outlook Express is "keep messages on server".

You can set it here (see bottom of window. I also usually tick the option about deleting from server once I have deleted them).…gif

If you set this on then a copy of your messages are kept on the server as well as downloaded to your computer. This is only any good for NEW messages you recieve of course.

If you are setting up Outlook Express on a new computer, make sure you set this option BEFORE logging on and downloading your emails or it will be too late. Once they are downloaded thats it.

I have this option on all the time and I can move my emails from computer to computer and all my emails are kept on the server.
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