help! scam telephone number

    hi all,

    just had a phone call claiming to be tiscali. i pressed 1 to confirm my name but hung up when asked for my date of birth. it was a recorded message, and when i pressed 1471 it was 012345678!! got to be a scam. am now really worried as i confirmed my name.

    called tiscali but their computers are down at the moment , but they didnt seem to understand me anyway. called twice and both times i couldnt understand them and they could nt understand me! times like this i wish i was still with bt.

    anyone had any similar calls


    not had one off this no. but go to a site called whocallsme and it should tell you exactly who called you .

    Original Poster

    i have but they don't seem to know! some had people actually speaking to them, but mine was just recorded

    I had one like that yesterday and it was the fraud team from AMEX, the first phone call I hung up but they then called my mobile, it was automated but then I eventually got to peak to someone and it was genuine, so be careful you could be missing a genuine call

    just put that no into whocallsme and most people say it's O2 or a company called welcome finance

    Have a look here, they seem to be phoning everyone!!!…8/2

    i get loads of mad calls, had a few recently where its a recorded msg speaking to u n u have to press 1 to go thru etc, bear in mind once u press that button n a fone starts ringing then your paying for the call, n u havent got a clue where that calls come from, if its international or wot. i just hang up whenever i get a record msg call, if its a human at the other end i let them go thru sum of their drivvle then tell them i aint interested,or i say can u hold on a mo plz. n i get one of my sons baby cds n stick it on n out fone beside it,go off n do sumthin then come back and see fi they are still there,if they are (not usually by this time hehe) i say "oh im so sorry bout this can u hold on" then i eventually hang up on them. i think its so rude to fone ppl up tryin to get them to buy sumthin, the way i see it if i wanna buy sumthin i go to a shop or i look online. its so annoying isnt it. had my rant cya x:whistling:
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