help selling an organ please

hi, i have been asked to help our local church sell their organ. we have no idea how much it is worth or where to sell it to. can anyone help me. it is a lowrey jamboree .

any help would be great


sell it on ebay

which organ are you looking to sell. I hear a heart goes for quite alot on the organ transfer list.

Original Poster

lol @ deathtrap. as for ebay there doesnt seem to be much demand for them. i am really at a loss

Our local church sold their organ on e-bay.it was brought by a collector in Italy.They raise several thousand pounds.


sell it on ebay

but ebay was famous for cheap price?


but ebay was famous for cheap price?

Think u just answered yourself...



Ebay is a rip-off most of the time these days...

You may get more if it's a heart or liver!
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