HELP - Sennheiser CX 500 wanted! Worried about fakes.

    I'm looking to purchase a pair of Sennheiser CX 500 headphones and after posting (the post having been removed now) for feedback on what turned out to be a more-than-likely fake goods supplier i'm worried about who i should be ordering these from.

    Amazon have a number of sellers:…1-1

    The first two, sub-£30 sellers i'll pass on as they are too cheap and have too few reviews. What about BagNow?

    I checked out the BagNow website and they've got them for £46.99 inc delivery on their site, but on Amazon they're only £38.49.…500

    Oh, what to do?!? Can anybody else recommend a seller for these at a decent price?


    4 Comments has them for £49.99…tml

    Don't forget you get quidco too. They also have other colours. They might cost a little more, but at least you know they are real!

    Just noticed that this colour is £5 cheaper:…tml

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    How do i add heat?

    Because this isn't a deal you can't add heat.

    If someone gives you some advice that helps you should:

    Click on the little scales to the left of their name, and leave a little comment about how they helped you (known as REP)

    It just lets others know that, that person is trust worthy.

    I have had these headphones for ages.....I hope you enjoy them
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