help setting up a fax machine using my laptop?

Found 1st Sep 2009
Hi guys just wondering if anyone could help me, i need a fax machine but i want to use my laptop as one, iv got a laptop and a wireless router, could anyone help?

Thanks in advance.
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google fax to email, there's plenty to choose from :thumbsup:
All you need is a freeware program and a dialup program .I used BTClick for the dialup ,just plugging the modem cable from the socket to the modem on the laptop . The freeware program was called something ??????TOOLS and was a answer phone as well as fax machine . It didn't allow you to send doc's like WinFax did ,but you can send cover pages or multiple pages.I have the program somewhere ,havn't used these sorts of programs for years ,your welcome to it if you need it .
hey guys thanks alot for your help ill have a little search now, and thanks for your offer ricko ill let you know how i get on first. repped both of you thanks again.
cheers, just found the program .............PhoneTools2000 . It's a freeby and is just over 8mb in size . It's a basic fax and answer machine for the Pc/laptop. It's old now and dont know if it would work on XP , I could always try it if your interested . All I know is it was basic but it worked .
think u need dial up

think u need dial up

You do , I mentioned this in the 3rd post . No ,problems there , UK2 do a free dialup service and so did BT [BTClick] . Plug in the modem lead ,start the dialup , open up PhoneTools2000 , create a fax page and hit send .It's done ................simples .......
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