help setting widescreen tv with sky + remote

    ok,i have a sony widescreen tv with sky+ ,i have no television remote so i use the sky+remote ,however the tv is not staying on widescreen its switching through to 4.9 i have the sky+ set up as 16.9 but for some strange reason i cannot get the tv to stay in widescreen ? does anyone know how do do this using the buttons on my sky + remote thanks , this has started to do this since my young nephew had the remote!!!! rep will be given for the advice


    Setup - screen settings

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    its ok ive sorted it


    [COLOR="Magenta"]thanks for the reply but as ive said above it is set up … [COLOR="Magenta"]thanks for the reply but as ive said above it is set up on the sky + box to widescreen [/COLOR]

    Ah sorry i though you had the problem with the sky box - whats your tv number - e.g sony rx 12423 etc
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