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    Hiya all im not sure exactly the name of the thing that i need but ill describe it. then someone can hopefully tell me the name of it so that i can buy one

    Ok i have a ntl cable modem, i want something so that me and my partner can use the internet at the same time for different things (me pc and him on xbox 360 live) we want a cheap reliable one it doesnt have to be wireless hopefully someone can answer this for me and even direct me in the way of good priced ones


    Cable router ??? probs with a couple of ethernet ports u can also get Wireless Cable Routers- dont get an ADSL router, not sure where the best price if unfortunitly !

    Check out ]this thread

    Depending on what speed connection you are on, you may be able to get a free wireless router from NTL/Telewest

    To give you the tech side, there are 2 things you need - a modem (to handle the internet connection) and a router (to share the internet connection/share files between PCs/share a printer etc). You will sometimes come across one box that does both (i.e. a router/modem or modem/router, depending on who makes it & what they want to call it).

    Most routers have wireless capability, although you can turn off the wireless part if you want. Wireless can cause security problems, as it may allow others to access your network, so if you use the wireless part make sure you read up about WEP & MAC addresses.

    You already have a modem, so you have 2 choices:

    1. Ditch your modem & replace it with a modem/router.
    2. Buy a router, which can then be plugged in to your modem. The other devices (PC, XBox etc) will then plug in to the router.

    My advice would be to approach NTL & ask them if they can provide you with a modem/router; if they can't/won't then EBay is probably your next best bet.

    One final thought - DON'T PANIC! Although the whole thing may seem complicated it's not! If you can get your modem to work then you've done all the hard work already, as a modem/router replaces the modem and a router just plugs in to the modem with your PC plugging in to the router instead of the modem.
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