help sisters broken one of the clips on the retention socket round the cpu that the fan clips on to?

    can i get another retention socket for the motherboard.
    the fan cant clip on as its notch it clips on to is broken off so there for the cpu wont run.
    a new 939 motherboard is going to cost 50 quid.

    so was looking to get a replacement part is this possible?


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    A quick search for "939 retention" on ebay seems to show plenty available.

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    its the left notch near the while barcode and near the white pin that shes some how managed to snap it off s o ther for te fan does not stay on…839

    GA-K8NS Ultra-939

    I don't know your specific mobo, but I have replaced one of these with one from a different make/model and it worked fine. Try to find one with a backplate that looks similair to yours and you should be ok.

    EDIT Not in the UK, but this seems correct for K8 mobo's:…3Pu

    You should be able to use your existing backplate if that's undamaged.
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