HELP! SLR Camera (Canon 400D or Nikon D80)

Found 25th Jan 2009
Looking to purchase the SLR camera
either Canon 400D or Nikon D80

They're similar - have always preferred the Nikon - but the camera at work is a 400D and i must say the pictures are not bad ... so am swayed.

Gotta buy this by Wednesday in time for the hols so would appreciate any pointers to good prices out there, with codes if any etc. Thanks in advance.

Canon used to have the cashback - but not sure if promo is over by now
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hiya, i have a d80 and love it to bits, only trouble is the lenses tend to be about fifty quid less at retail for the canons.
i think between the two there is little to choose, but i do love mine
Would go with the canon, have a 350d and im well chuffed with it. :thumbsup:
I wouldn't go by what other's say here, try them both at somewhere like Jessops and see which you prefer. The results produced are quite similar but you may find one easier to handle than the other.

If cost is an issue then I think overall you'll find that Canon is a better choice when it comes to the overall package but best to see which one is easier to handle. Good luck with whichever as I'm sure either will give you great satisfaction.
Both good cameras.

Well specced.

Some good deals at the moment on the 400D

I have one but prefer the 20D to be honest.

If you really want new I would probably get the 1000d without the lens and go and buy a good lens like the 25-135 IS Canon. The lens is great.
thank you for the help repped.
400d dogs conkers
item number: 360131508410

Just got this bundle, its Argos on eBay, everything brand new and 12 months warranty on it. Body, standard lense and a big zoom lense, battery grip too.

389.99 plus 7.99 delivery, 2 days delivery by DHL
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