Help solving an anagram of a movie

    I have an anagram that i just cant think what it will be. It is a movie and i could be any movie.
    it has 4 words (1,7,2,8) and the anagram is

    "A muting foil staffed"

    Anyone who has the answer i would be very grateful as i have looked at many sites and cant think what it could be


    a fistful of dinamite

    no, forget that

    unless its "a mutiny foil staffed" then its "a fistful of dynamite"

    ]Try this


    is it definately english?


    ]Try this:thumbsup:

    55556 found.

    going to be a long night :giggle:

    what was it ? was it a fistful of dynamite with a misspelling?

    Original Poster

    Hi, thanks for all the replies, i think i will go for the speeling mistake and put that down, ill let you know how i get on

    I think one of the words isn't a proper word (ie it's a name or something). I think it's fairly safe to assume the 1 and 2 letter words are 'a' and 'of', if you remove those from the anagram, and use the advanced search preferences to limit it to 2 words and 7-8 letters, then it only comes up with 2 anagrams (neither of which are films).


    it could be 'a' and 'in'...

    Indeed it could, or even 'on'.
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