Help: Someone with an eBay account

I'm looking for a small favor and preferably from a long term member on here with good feedback.

I may need someone to send a "password" to someones eBay account so I can see if they are a genuine seller.

If anyone can be of help it will be greatly appreciated.

I'm going off for a bit now but I will check back in a bit.


what do you need?

What do you want us to do i have good feedback on ebay?

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I have bought some items from another site but it seems a little too good to be true so I would just like someone to send a message to his/her eBay account with a secret word in that I then get them to confirm to me (to check it is their account).

I don't have their eBay ID yet but when I do I will be back here asking one nice person to do this for me.

i wouldnt mind doing this for ya. Not a prob at all.

i can help if needed

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Is there anyone around at the moment who can do this please?

Yh go on Hodson

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Yh go on Hodson

Cheers, will PM you now.
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