Help sought - Cheap(est) smartphone with Standard SIM for short period of use OR tablet (doesn't need SIM, just WiFi for email and WhatsApp)

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Can anyone suggest a cheap (very cheap) smartphone (got to have wifi so that I can pick up emails and use Whatsapp) for use while travelling and lazing around on a beach for a few weeks?

I already have a standard sim card for the country I'm visiting and don't want to cut it so the handset needs to be unlocked and use a standard size sim card.

Any help / suggestions appreciated.

Thank you
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Would be easier to cut the Sim, but if I had to choose I'l go for a late Nokia before they went down the Windows route, something like a Nokia N8, or E7 running late symbian software, there were great phones, good cameras, good 3G/HSDPA+ Internet, SD Card etc.

You might struggle to get the Apps these days but I got WhatsApp for Symbiam lying around somewhere if you get stuck
Depends on how cheap you want to go.
Should be able to pickup a Moto e or even g for a small amount and will perform well.

Just cut the SIM down, takes a minute or so and can't go too wrong.
Many thanks for the replies.

My reluctance to cut the SIM is driven by the fact that it is a foreign SIM and I've had it a long time and it has good credit on it ... if an error was made, that would be the end of my number and credit.

Maybe I just stick to the basic phone I've been using and look for a cheap tablet instead - the important thing for me for the next trip is that I can regularly pick up emails and connect to WhatsApp?

Any suggestions for a tablet instead?

I didnt think there are any smart phones left that uses the standard size sim. You could take the sim to a phone shop and ask them if possible to cut to size. I got a foreign sim cut to size at the phone shop itself as they will know what they are doing.
This list will help with which devices use a standard sim. You can see from the list you do not have much choice and nothing from the past few years. I'd be tempted to edge towards the Nexus One from CEX 2nd hand. Personally I'd either cut the sim or contact the provider for a micro or nano sim.…sim
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