Help! Sound Card Has Died

    This is my son's pc (don't know pc specs, but can find out if essential). Sound stopped working & a friend tried downloading driver to see if that was the problem & was told that there was no sound card present. I'm not very techie & am assuming he needs a new one. The pc is about 3 years old running on XP.
    Goes without saying am looking for advice or the best deal:thumbsup:


    if you're looking for something cheap and cheerful take a look on supersaver delivery or postage will be expensive.


    sound cards can become unseated in their slot if you hve just kicked the case by accident or something. I'd take the case off and ensure its fully engaged in the slot. If your planning of getting a new one you'll need to take the case off anyway so it will give you a good dry run of locating and inserting the card. Sounds as if not connected from what you said but also worth checking its not the speakers or the cable by connecting up some headphones/other speakers. A lot of computers have the audio built in too so its worth checking the relevant bios settings - but that might be getting to techy for you and that wont be the prob unless someone has changed them or you have flashed your bios recently ?!

    I'd be tempted to spend about 15 quid and get a Creative soundblaster as likely to have better driver support and greater compatability. I've had some probs with the cheapest cards in the past. Ebuyer are good though - unlikely to get anything much cheaper from elswhere for low cost components.

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    flashed your bios recently ?!

    :giggle: Sounds like I might get arrested:giggle:

    Seriously though, thanks for all the information. I'm going to speak to my son & get him & his mate (who knows a bit more than me about tech stuff) to look into all this before buying. I've got Creative & always been great.

    Cheers & Rep given:thumbsup:

    [SIZE=2]I agree with all that bigdannyb says except I prefer the old turtle beach sound cards to Creative. Try on Ebay for a bargain.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]I've got a Santa Cruz awhich was really cheap (12 quid) and I do think it sounds very good.[/SIZE]
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