Help spending AMEX points?

    Evening all. I was wondering if there are any AMEX points experts lurking around?
    Basically I have 25,000 points and I was going to spend these on Amazon gift cards, however everything I have read tells me I can get a much better conversion rate with airmiles etc. It's the first time I've tried any credit card points system so i'm looking for suggestions and help with working out what is best.
    Looking forward to your responses thanks.


    It's really a question of what's useful to you. My card gives me offers on days out, but frankly I don't find going to a spa appealing despite it being the best value (according to the actual value you get with the company they offer it through), similarly they offer flights but sadly with airlines which don't fly where I regularly travel. So the Amazon vouchers are the best value for me.…nts
    Worth reading through that to decide if it's actually worth it for you considering you in most cases end up paying taxes.
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    i do a mix of nectar points (1 point for 1 and no lower limit ) and avios, (though they have a higher limit of minimum change its still 1 for 1)

    going to get a soundbar with my necar points

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    Lovely, thank you to you both for your replies. Definitely going to look into Avios and Nectar points.

    I had 30000 avios points last year and it paid for a hotel for 4 people in Portugal in October half term. Flights were cheap at that time too.
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