HELP!? super slow internet connection

hey guys n gals. really need help here. got a laptop with vista and on a bt broadband line wired in via ethernet cable. the internet worked fine and was fast when first plugged in. few weeks later and it crawled to snail pace. unplugged the modem and cable for a weekend and it seemed to run fast again. however its started doing it again randomly. cant even watch a video on youtube and even looking at pages on here is a struggle. i've tried clearing the cache, cookies, opened the dns and even disabled the anti-virus/firewall temporarily and yet no difference. please help someone. thanks in advance


have you done a full scan of your pc for malware / viruses? have you done a speed test to quantify the actual speed compared to the theoretical line speed? have you installed anything in the period that might be either hogging bandwidth or malicious?? and are you able to connect another pc to the same connection (ie replacing the machine that is exhibiting slow speeds) to make sure it is the line rather than the pc...

just thoughts.


Have you been downloading a lot? I believe BT can be pretty quick to throttle line of anyone they think is "abusing" their bandwidth. Read their fair use policy!

if you have been downloading a lot you may find your connection is getting throttled by your ISP to minimise your bandwidth usage to give to others! This may especially be the case if you live in an area that has a very busy exchange and a hight contention ratio (the number of people sharing the same line). Try your internet connection at non peak times say around 6:30 in the morning then you can discount my theory.

What you synching at?

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ok, nothing new installed. no viruses or spy/malware. never anything downloaded on here as its too slow to do anything like that (cant even watch a youtube video) have already tried using it at random times thanks to dodgy sleeping patterns. badmanmeow, tried both of those links you gave but no luck, firstly its a wired connection not a wireless and its vista not xp. not got another pc or laptop to hand to check if its the line. line should be a 8mb connection. download is 145kb/s and upload is 365kb/s on so thats not good! HELP!?!?

I have similar problems, downloading at 20KB/s when I normally hit to 200KB/s mark. Seems to be a problem with my line though, and my ISP will reply to my message on monday *sigh*

What router do you have Ace?

Oh and can you go to and paste the results? It's a little slow at times but it may help in determining what is wrong with your line

Might be some ideas here from the Gadget shows web site on DIY speed improvements -

you need to log on to your modem/router and have a look at whats going on.
1 open a command prompt and type "ipconfig" then press enter in the list that comes up look at local area connection and note the default gateway ip address number (usually or 10.0.01) etc
Open your web browser and type http:\\"ip address noted" press enter
this will take you to your routers config page and you might need a password here (read the manual or look on router)
If you post the make of your router more detailed help will be available


My simple advice- reboot your router.Just unplug it,wait for 5 min,plug again.Restart your computer and things will be better.Helped me,proven metod for BT.
But there may be some problems in your exchange,so if rebooting does not helps,just call BT.Not the best company you have chosen,mate,-BT. I would reccomedn BeThere if it is available,-great speeds and no problems whatsoever.

The fact that your Upload is better than your downloan, isn't a good sign. As someone said earlier log into your Hub (if you have one) and look at the synch speed (the connection the router has negioated with the exchange). Do you have any noise on your line, crackilng, humming, overhearing? Use these results are logged and your ISP can access them, it should also tell you if it thinks there is a problem.

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ok thanks for the help guys, phoned bt, and there's something wrong with the line. they're sending an engineer out!

Did they say what the fault was? Earth Battery, rectified short?
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