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    Moved over a year ago with 2 boxes (1 sky+ 1 standard) and Sky have messed me about even though I have been with them years. The standard Sky box got broken in the move, I went without service but was still paying the direct debit blah de blah - had to pay for an install when much of it was already here yada yada). To cut a long story short they promised me a new box and didn't deliver - then denied it and I rang to cancel. I had some credit on the account which would have lasted me the month cancellation, but retentions offered to reduce my cost for 3 months and give me time to reconsider. Hence my credit on the account was buying me a bit longer whilst I intended to shop around for a recordable hard drtive and new TV.

    I need to make a decision quickly as the telly I want has just come back in stock at Argos (LG32 LG2000) so I want to order it on my card. I bought one already for downstairs and tried it upstairs (this is as far the terrestrial aeriel goes at present. I am in London and though not a particularly built up area of it, the signal on terrestrial is pants - and I am not getting all the digi channel (ie E4+1 but not E4 same with ITV2+1 and no living TV etc or BBC3). The picture late the other night was pixellated and pants. I intended to get an aeriel booster - rang Richer sounds (where I am getting the Sony RDR-HXD995 - no help at all. I asked if my Sky+ box would still work as a freeview box or booster or anything in any capacity once I have cancelled and the guy said no.

    On here I was reading about boxes and ex cards being used - although the thread is really old so I am not sure how relevant it is. So I want to know what to do for the best. I would prefer not to negotiate with sky and just buy enough to have freeview and record facility with a decent quality picture. I have one working sky + box (in use til I cancel) and 2 spare cards as well as 1 in use....can I do anything useful with them once I have cancelled service? Any ideas that might help my picture quality? I know I could go via the laptop but prefer not to. Space is an issue as I am in a small 2 up 2 down.

    Also worth mentioning is that my mobile contract is up soon, as is my BT one and I was wondering about the deals on Money saving expert for an i-phone mobile broadband etc.
    I've looked into Virgin packages but don't fancy them, I am trying to economise and want to not have much in the way of a constant outgoing each month - the only reason I thought I might need this is because of broadband - but then I have no idea about mobile broadband!!!!


    I need to sort it all out sharpish and I am getting bogged down as I also have some family stuff I'm attending to as well as applyting for work and college and I can't seem to keep all the plates spinning so really need some help on deals and stuff.
    ASAP too - as I am worried about this telly/stock LOL

    Thanks my luvlies

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