Help Tesco voucher problems!

    I previously went to order an item (wine) and keyed in the voucher numbers. I haven't been back to the site since but went on today emptied my basket and added new items.

    I wanted to add new discount codes as the previous ones entered have expired but I can't seem to get them off - neither can I add any new ones.

    I've tried emptying my basket - logging off and back on - clearing cookies and adding again - still seems to be there!!

    HELP think I'm going mad!


    You got to go through to the checkout stage. At that stage there will be a voucher entry screen (on the right) underneath that screen it will tell you which ones they can't use and which they can.

    Once entered, if your voucher is accepted, will be listed on the left.

    You got to go through to the chec..................

    Oh !! its already been said hehe!

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys for your help! I'll try that

    Seems the site is having problems as I keep getting DC'd on IE and it won't load on firefox.

    Having one of those days where all things signal based are refusing to work for me.

    Mobile phone playing up, websites playing up and tv losing signal - think I have some kind of network ghost today!
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