Help- think ive been conned by a website

    Im not sure if i need to post this here, so please tell me if i need to move it somewhere else.
    Basically i ordered some perfume from a website called After a week of not recieving i went on their website and tracked my order.They sent me an email with a link and it was saying the order was being processes. This was about 4 weeks ago now.I sstill have not recieve my perfume, the money has been taken out of my account and this is about £40 and now for some reason i cannot get onto the website. It just keeps telling me that there is no such thing. Is there anyway i can get my money back from these?
    I paid by moneybookers or something if that helps?


    whats the link to the website?

    is it this website…697
    i got on no probs today if it is the same one?

    Yep it's a con a quick google would have shown that based in Bolivia I typed in scent mall reviews everyone never received their goods and the ones that got something were knock offs avoid!!!


    WOW! you paid with moneybookers? Scammers paradise as is Western Union.

    Surely the fact they didnt take credit cards / debit cards was a massive clue to it being a con.

    ^^^ TheJamesS, unfortunately you seem to be spot on.….uk
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    Lesson learnt......

    1. always do a google search / review of company
    2. if usure ask around, epecially on here!.
    3. pay by credit card.

    if you did, you would had got your money back. Moneybookers = cash, so your money is gone!!!

    please tell me this post goes back to the early 2000s, oh wait it doesn't......................
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