HELP This knitting pattern is driving me crazy!

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Found 18th Aug 2010
OK Have been knitting this pattern for my future grandchild, seemed like a great idea when I saw it! Finshed one section now onto the "Divide for raglan armholes" I have 117 stitches on my kneedle

k30 cast off the next 2 sts (I've done this), knit until there are 53 sts on right hand needle after casting off, cast off the next 2 sts, knit to end, Work on these 30 sts for left front.

What I dont get is, if after knitting a total of 53 sts there is way more than 30sts left over 60 (+2 that I still have to cast off, 62)

Can some one please help me. Much appreciated


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Well "the point"is that I wished to make one.

Been a long time since i've knitted. How I read it is that after counting 53 stitches you cast off 2 then knit to end. The first 30 stitches you started on are the ones that are to be used for the left front. Then I presume further on in the pattern you work on the other stitches that you have left on a holding kneedle. Hope this makes sense!

What you should have on your needle is 30 stitches, then the 2 cast off, then 53 then the next 2 cast off and then the final 30 - that makes up the total of 117.

You knit the last 30 for the left front.

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Many Thanks Watervole & Chesso.

I'm usually quite a good knitter but this pattern is driving me up the wall. oO
I can't wait for it be be over!

No problem, good luck.
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