Help tidying bedroom

    I need someone with a clear mind and good finding skills to help me lol

    Basically over the last year the following happened;
    * Grandad died in March so we had to empty his house before it went on the market, I salvaged most of the 'heirlooms' before they were sent to the tip
    * I left uni and came back home bringing 4 years of belongings with me
    * Our house was up for sale, so we packed some bits, but it didn't sell so we're staying put.

    Now I'm back home with my parents and my bedroom is FULL to bursting with stuff.

    I emptied my wardrobes last night and in the wardrobes alone have put aside 5 black bin liners for charity.

    My problem now is storage, I need some design ideas as to how to keep the other stuff tidy. Has anyone seen anything used really well or come across some shelving or something in the sales?

    How's best to keep dvds? I have hundreds and hate them being in a box at the moment but bookcases are a pain.

    help before I go mad!


    probably not much help but i bought a sideboard it has 6 drawers that fit cds and has two cupboards that has a shelf in each you can get two dvds in the depth of it and about 30 dvds width and i have my telly dvd stereo on top of it my living room is tiny so this has saved loads of room

    you can't fit a square peg into a round hole.

    easiest way to store is to go up.

    that means either stackable boxes, which are fairly cheap in supermarkets etc, or put stuff in the loft.

    the obvious drawback is that it isn't easy to get your hands on stuff quickly.

    it will help you if you are ruthless as to what you actually need and either get rid of, or effectively store, the rest.

    if you have a local ikea near by they sell great storage stuff. our kids rooms are packed out with clothes games etc that they got for xmas but dont need yet etc , you could try -

    under bed storage boxes (usually abt 3-4 quid) great for clothes book etc.
    putting shelves up on the walls rather than book cases ie a high level one to put your cds on
    get a really cheap wardrobe and take out the rail & add some MDF shelves great as you can shut the mess away.

    argos, homebase & b&q are all selling furniture really cheap at the mo

    some good storage sets :…htm…htm…htm

    hope this helps. if not you may need to maybe invest in a cheap garden shed LOL.

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    some good storage sets : … some good storage sets :|category_root|Home+and+furniture|14417894/c_2/3|cat_15701162|Clearance+Home+and+furniture|14520317/Trail/searchtext%3ESTORAGE.htm|category_root|Home+and+furniture|14417894/c_2/3|cat_15701162|Clearance+Home+and+furniture|14520317/Trail/searchtext%3ESTORAGE.htm|category_root|Home+and+furniture|14417894/c_2/3|cat_15701162|Clearance+Home+and+furniture|14520317/Trail/searchtext%3ESTORAGE.htmhope this helps. if not you may need to maybe invest in a cheap garden shed LOL.

    Thats really strange, i have the 1st and 3rd on reserve already and was gutted as the 2nd one is out of stock! :x

    Funnily enough I have considered asking for a shed, as I like to handmake my own cards, and a little craft shed would be ideal for all my bits and bobs!

    Thanks for all of your suggestions, i was expecting some really daft responses or a picture of a skip or something, but am chuffed at your ideas, thanks, repped. x
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