Help to choose between 5 laptops.


    I need a new laptop and I need one that is very fast (I really get irritated with waiting for things to load) and very capable of multitasking. I do not game, but I'm often downloading films and others things, burning a DVD, editing video files etc all at the same time.

    I have found these five:$46563~67704 the top two…qpe

    Or any other suggestions?





    If I needed to choose from the 3 at John Lewis I would definitely go for the dell one...…264

    Be careful of buying from John Lewis - I just bought a laptop and fitted a second drive in the bay, then discovered the keyboard is faulty - you would not BELIEVE the trouble I am having returning it, they seem to think it is being returned under the Asus warranty and are saying it has been "modified" when I have made it very clear I am returning under consumer regulations and the SAD FART rules. Terrible customer service, I've written to their CEO because they should have training on this.

    Yes a processor is important, so a minimum an Intel I5 but it sounds like the laptop would benefit from an 802.11AC Wireless NIC Card (and a suitable home broadband connection*), 8GB (16GB) Memory, Solid State Drive but also the back up of an Hybrid SSD instead of a standard hard drive as minimum. Of course depending on your video editing requirements a dedicated video card, possibly a specialised sound card, and of course an IPS panel for clarity, and colour accuracy.

    The problem is that most of the standard off-the-shelf laptop manufacturers neglect a dedicated video card, unless integrated on the chip with the likes of AMD or paying a major premium. An option is either go direct to a specialist PC component seller (i.e. PCspecialist, Scan, CCL, Ebuyer, etc) who can build a laptop to your particular requirements, or upgrade certain components (SSD, HDSSD, memory) yourself after receiving the laptop.

    At that price you want a 256GB SSD, 8GB memory, non U version of i5 or i7 (to be honest i7 might be overkill) and a full HD screen which is well reviewed. Then see how far up the nvidia gtx scale you can get whilst making sure you have all of the above.
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