Help to find a Black Wardrobe!!!

    Hey guys, can anyone tell me where i can buy a black wardrobe (all black, with or without mirror) that doesnt cost 6million quid and isnt ugly!! Most ones i can find have like a brown or white finish around it and dont look to savoury haha!

    cheers for any replies!!


    Something like this? - Link

    Original Poster

    cheers for the reply guys, was lookin at anything up to bout 300quid if possible.

    Paint one?

    I had a nightmare when I wanted one of these. I think when I looked for one, they were either £100s or non existant.

    Think I got mine from Littlewoods for about £200.

    Original Poster

    honeybee that ones still coming up at 233quid?? am i missing something?

    Thats it, couldn't work out how to get that pic on! You can sign up instore for the family card
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