Hi there - I'd be really grateful for some help in buying a new PC or laptop as my old desktop is on the way out! I'm not sure whether to get a laptop or desktop - I just want the best available deal.

Here is a list of things that are important to me:

- I don't really want to spend anymore than about £500.
- It needs to have a wireless capability.
- I don't need/want a monitor, keyboard or mouse.
- I use the PC mainly for the internet, but I'll also need Microsoft Office (preferably with Powerpoint, which if needs be, I can buy separately)
- I also download a lot of films, but this is normally done overnight when I'm not using the PC for anything else
- I want a PC that will run as quickly as possible
- I want a reliable machine with a good reputation!

I don't know much about PCs and so some Plain English advice and suggestions would be really appreciated. I realise that Comet may have some good deals, but I do not want to buy from them - they've seriously let me down in the past.

Any help and advice would be brilliant - thanks, in advance!


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