Help to identify 2006 BMW 1 series trim level

    Hey all,

    Strange request. I'm looking at getting a 1-series however the guys at the garage are saying the car I am interested in is the M-sport variant however I believe that it is the sport.

    If anyone has a 2006 M-sport or a sport I would really appreciate it if you could post a photo of your seats and alloys so I can be sure of what the car actually is as I think I might be able to save a grand or so.




    What engine variant is it? This will probably be the best way of finding out as Sport is only available with 116i, 116d, 118d.

    ]Click here

    The alloys and interiors could be changed though....check engine as above.

    Ask to have a look at the log book


    The stering wheel wont have a BMW Logo its has a ////////////////// I cannot think as sold mine 4 yrs ago now. Got it
    3 slanted colour lines/// and a slanted M

    Just Google BMW M Logo it comes up

    Get the registration, go into a bmw dealership, give the the reg and they will print off the exact spec of the car for you.
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