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    Hi All - I was in Zavvi earlier today and heard a song on the tannoy but I cannot find it anywhere. It is basically a very repetitive song and the lyrics sounded like ...... "Sexy number" (then small brief silence), "no more casinos". The song basically repeated this all the way through but there was alos a loud guitar playing section plus a few times where it sounded like the track had stopped but then started again (think this was supposed to happen). Cany anybody help identify this ? Thanks.


    Should be in misc?

    I know it.

    It's called 'You think you're a man' and it's by Divine.

    i lol'd.

    Moved to misc forum... please don't post in deals forum, unless you are telling us of an actual hot deal :-D Welcome to HUKD ]FLANBAY!

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    Oops sorry all, looks like I posted in wrong section.

    BTW sing is defo not Divine as suggested.
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