help to post a wanted ad- asap please

    As above -went to submit , for sale and typed in what i wanted and then you have to put a price -where do i post a wanted ad now !
    Wasted more time trying to get answers and posted this once already and it vaniished !!!
    WHY THE **** do you have to put a topic in feedback ????????????????

    Mod edit - abuse of the word filter will result in a ban


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    wow - the help is over bloody whelming and this poxy font is ridiculous !

    oi cat- have replied on the fs thread you posted on.
    its sooo trial and error- to post i have to 'go advanced' and then submit- that took ages to work out.

    So back to the aim of the post - what is it your looking for??? what do ya want?:p

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    i am looking for a wii remote -no game as bought wii play from someone on here .
    I post things then cant find them again.
    Its the topic thing thats confusing .
    Also when you click on deals and then hot -you get a post from 3 mins ,next one is 3 hours and then 10 secs -why cant it just say like before when it was posted -not when last comment was made .That way you know if its a new deal as some "new" deals are on the second page -just because someone hasn''t recently commented on it !
    Right cock up this is !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe a thread should be started to combat these teething problems - maybe it already exists (if so can some pls quote the bloody link) That way everyone could benefit and climatise to this newly revoloutionised site
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