Help to save our Towns Hospital!!!

    Not sure how many years now, but people in the town i live in called Hemel Hempstead have been trying to save our hospital from being closed down and it all being moved to watford.

    Parts have been shut but the fight goes on, could people sign this petition in support for the cause, it would make a lot of difference.…al/



    How far away will the nearest hospital be if the hemel hempstead one closes? Will they still provide emergency services from your local?

    [CENTER][SIZE="7"]i live near watford, this will b great for me.....please dont sign ur name

    love me


    lol btw at ppl campaigning for 2 years........why is there only 1 signature?


    [CENTER][SIZE=7]i live near watford, this will b great for me.....please … [CENTER][SIZE=7]i live near watford, this will b great for me.....please dont sign ur name[/SIZE][/CENTER][CENTER][SIZE=7]love me[/SIZE][/CENTER][CENTER][SIZE=7]x[/SIZE][/CENTER]

    It might not be quite so good, when the thousands of patients on H.hempsteads waiting list join the Watford waiting lists and you need treatment .....:|

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    Take a look there if you want to know more. The nearest would be watford which is like 20-30 mins away, but that doesnt take into account of traffic then the return journey will be the same.

    This isnt the first petition thats been created for this, many have but another one has started as the fighting is still carrying on!

    Why do you think they want to close it?

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    To save money, thats all, then they want to sell the land on.

    To save money for what though? Profit?
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