Help to translate this passage from German into english !!

Found 15th Mar 2008
Can anyone translate the following paragraph from German to English please.

Die Verwendung dieser Rad/Reifen-Kombination ist nur zul?ig, wenn dieser Reifen in den
Fahrzeugpapieren bereits serienm?g eingetragen oder vom Fahrzeughersteller, s. Auszug aus der EGGenehmigung
des Fahrzeuges (EG-?ereinstimmungsbescheinigung), freigegeben ist.Der Loadindex,
das Geschwindigkeitssymbol, die M+S-Kennzeichnung, die Reifenfabrikate der Fahrzeugpapiere, die
Hinweise und die Empfehlungen des Fahrzeugherstellers sind bei Verwendung dieser Reifengr?zu
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KJ23, thanks thats excellent, worked a treat have some rep!!!:thumbsup:
Sorry I dont speak German but used this online translator if it's any help.
Altavista Babel:
"The use of this wheel/combination of tires is zul?ig only if this tire in the registration papers already serienm?g registered or by the vehicle manufacturer, s. excerpt from the EEC permission of the vehicle (EEC?ereinstimmungsbescheinigung), approved be-being that load index, the speed symbol, the M+S marking, the tire makes of the registration papers, which references and the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer are on use of these Reifengr?zu consider."
The use these wheel/combination of tires is only zul? industrial union, if this tire into that
Registration papers already serienm? g registered or of the vehicle manufacturer, S. Excerpt from the EGGenehmigung
the vehicle (EEC? ereinstimmungsbescheinigung), is approved. The load index,
the speed symbol, the M+S marking, the tire makes of the registration papers, those
And do the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer refer to are on use of these Reifengr? too
used microsoft word 2007

hope this is right
Thanks everyone,
The link by KJ23 translated it exactly word for word
I am impressed !!
heh, good, glad it worked, i did it but it didn't seem to make sense to me, as long as you know what it means.
Yeah babelfish won't fix the syntax so you will have to figure out the context by yourself.

Still much better than nothing! I use it to translate some international ebay items im interested in sometimes into english. Very useful!
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