Help - trying to find canadian/american site to send cards direct to people

    Please help!!
    Has anyone used a canadian or american site that allows you to create a photo christmas card which is then sent direct to each individual recipient.
    Moon pig will allow me to do it but sends from the uk, which seems completely crazy, as I'm paying for airmail postage and no guarentee it will get there as I've left it a bit late, plus its very expensive.
    I've been looking for ages. Lots of sites let me add photos but then they all have to be sent to me for me to send.
    I need a site that allows me to send cards direct from canada to canada (or u.s. to canada).
    Anyone used one? or anyone feel like trying to find me one?

    Many thanks for any help


    What about Hallmark ? I've never purchased from there.

    try using

    I have some friends in Canada and when sending them flowers go through that link to find local florists. Just go onto it and google for cards
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    Thanks all for your help. Looks like might work, i just couldn't navigate to the right version of the website. will only let me order to ship to one address which then need to be put in envelopes and re-sent. I think there is a gap in the market!! I'm going to give it a go again tonight.
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