Help Trying to Update the bios of a Medion PC

Found 24th Feb 2015
More of a hardware than software type.
Have updated a few pc's in the past but they have been dell & done in the operating system.
Found the instructions & DL on the medion site but I don't know if it's the way it's written,just me or there is something wrong but can't make it work.
Running windows Vista 32bit home prem as shipped.
Current bios version 1.0V(06-29-2007)
Latest bios version 1.1D(03-16-2010)
Link to medion support.…php
MSN Number. 10010513

Can anyone shed some light on this,maybe spell it out as an idiots guide-plain english.
I've downloaded & unzipped it & the folder seems to be where it should be.But after that i get confused,tried booting from cd but the only "MS-DOS Prompt" i can see is in the repair section & has nothing in it.
So open to suggestions.
Thank's for reading.
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At the MS-DOS command prompt, type X:\path\to\created\folder\autoexec.bat

Where X is the partition the BIOS files have been extracted to, probably C or D.
OK, HUKD didn't like me typing that path...

X:/folder name/autobat.exe
autoexec.bat not autobat.bat - annoying I came edit posts on mobile :-(

autoexec.bat not autobat.bat - annoying I came edit posts on mobile :-(

Typed. C:/Medion/autoexec.bat
Got. Start flashing bios MS7358 Medion?
Press any key to continue....

Any key pressed. 'AWDFL882.EXE' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.
I hate software


This is ONLY for legacy motherboards which do not support the Flasher … This is ONLY for legacy motherboards which do not support the Flasher technology (i.e. updating BIOS from within CMOS setup). Please use CMOS setup to update your BIOS instead of this utility whenever possible.



Getting outside my comfort zone from what i am reading about this.
Strange as following medions install instructions to the best of my ability & nothing about cmos re-set.…288
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As far as i can see LEGACY Mode Support seems to be disabled in the bios with no way of changing it & can't see any other way in the bios for up-dating.
Make sure you are using the APPLICATION/SUPPORT CD to boot with, not the Windows CD.
I would presume that you would have to change directory to where you extracted, then run the autoexec.bat
If you are not in that directory, then it would not find the files (not recognized).
I would say, the instructions as they wrote them are messed up!

If you have a CD-Writing program that can "burn from image", then I could probably rejig the update as a bootable CD image (just burn to CD, boot from it and there you go).
Are you suffering any of the problems the new BIOS fixes? If not, you're risking your mobo for nothing.
Everything is working at the moment,but slow.Was planning to change cpu,have an e8500 & q6600 spare that should work with this board(if it had proper msi bios &support).Also planned changing gpu(psu already done to get working) & operating system(as i have a vista windows 7 up-grade sitting spare) before passing it on to my sister.But wanted to make sure everything was up to date before i started.
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I would concentrate more on getting rid of vista than upgrading a 1 step revision to your bios oO

if it aint broke......
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