HELP - Ubuntu 8.04

    Got a copy of Ubuntu 8.04 through the door this morning, and decided to have a go at installing it.
    Installation went fine, but when i tried to use it , it restarted my pc.
    I got to the point where it has the word Ubuntu , and the load bar underneath.
    After that my pc monitor just said ' going to power save'

    Any ideas?



    Im a beginner myself so have no idea on how to fix your problem, however some one here will:

    Not loaded mine yet:?, may give it a go tomorrow:thinking:

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    hmm, I can't work out if it's my pc, or the OS

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    anyone else know why?

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    Can't find anything on their to do with my problem.

    It cant be the OS, I just installed it 2 days ago on my bros laptop - eveything is running fine.

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    Well, i don't know then, my pc runs xp fine. And it's run vista in the past too?

    I'm not an Ubuntu user (my PC lacks compatibile hardware, the OS lacks support for the apps I need, and I lack the necessary personality defects), but looking at it logically, after the loading screen, that's usually when the GUI loads up. The GUI will set a screen resolution and probably load video drivers specific to your video hardware when it loads, and I suspect that it's in one of these that the issue is arising. I think most likely that Ubuntu is trying to run your monitor at a resolution or refresh rate that it isn't capable of running.

    Two options, then. You could try booting the OS in a Safe Mode or into a VGA mode and setting a compatible screen resolution after it's sucessfully booted up. Alternatively, you could try a different monitor on the system, as that might be compatible with ubuntu's resolution, and then try scaling the res back to something compatible with your normal monitor. Of course, it could be something completely different. But it seems a logical troubleshooting step, so it's worth a try.

    And GD_iester - uh, whut?

    Let me guess, you've got an ATI card?
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