Help; Uncharted Save Game Problem

Found 12th Mar 2011
I've been playing Uncharted 2 for a few weeks, but my kids ruined the disk. So I bought another one from ebay but turns out its not accepting the saved game file from the previous game.
Ichecked the actual file and noticed that the directory names were different. I tried to rename the old saved directory to the new game save name, but it comes up as corrupted. Really stuck with this as i'd completed around 80% of the game and don't fancy starting from beginning again. I can't even seem to find saved file on web for the version I need.
Just wondering if anyone has saved file or knows how to solve this problem.
The original saved directory name was; BCES00727_NDI_UNCHARTED2_BT_0
and the new one is;

Would really appreciate if anyone can help.
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Just start it again, Brill Game.
It's not like starting a new Fallout save after 100+ hours
you've bought a different version eg for a different region Disc Region : 2

Product code : BCES-00509

Country: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

City: Abu Dhabi

according to the post below…080

The other one is a UK one BCES00727…655
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